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IMPORTANT: To facilitate delivery of the product you buy, you must have entered current phone number.

Step 1: Choose a product

Use the navigational boxes which are on the top and on the left of the page to move forward and look the products. The articles are shown and you could turn the next page if there is one.

To look a product click on it. Full information is opened with additional photos below the first one. Click on them to take a look.

Sizes are on the right side of the page.

Materials, colors and fabrics are in the middle of the page, below the photos.

Choose parameters and look the price on the right of the page.

After you choose a product, quantity, material, color and fabric push the button "Add to cart".

You will be transferred to the "Market`s cart" where you have three options:

· Continue marketing in

You could go back from any page of the web site through the link in the horizontal navigation menu

· To correct your order

You could correct a product or entirely remove it

· To send your order

Choose a city from the menu and push the button "Buy product"

Step 2: Enter details

After pushing the button "Buy product" , you enter address and receiver to the delivery. You should enter correct name , e-mail, mobile number and address.

IMPORTANT: To facilitate delivery of the product you buy, you must have entered CURRENT PHONE NUMBER OF CONTACT!

Choose a way to pay. Details about the different ways of paying you could read from the link "more information".

If you choose "debit/credit card" make sure that cookies are activated in your browser before paying the order .Instruction how to activate cookies in your browser.

Step 3: Paying

Paying by debit/credit card Visa or MasterCard

If you chose "paying by debit/credit card" you will be transferred to the secure connection of paying system of Borica to enter your card details.

You could pay by Visa, MasterCard and all other cards in Borica`s system.

After entering all details push "Paying".

You will receive an e-mail about the order and the result of paying.

Your card`s details are secured by Visa`s secure system 3-D Secure or Master Card`s system- Secure Code.

Paying by bank

If you chose "paying by bank" you will receive an e-mail confirming the order and the necessary details about the payment.

Our bank details in EUR are as follows:

BAN: BG81UBBS80021445010710




Our bank details in national currency BGN are as follows:

BAN: BG56UBBS80021003238240




Paying in EZAX office

If you chose "Paying in Ezax office" you will receive an e-mail with confirmation of you order and the necessary information about the payment. Addresses and phone numbers of our offices you could see here.

If you have any problems do not hesitate to reach us .

You may purchase using Visa, MasterCard or any bank card with the Borica label.

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