General conditions


1. The present general conditions are settling the relations between ЕZAX LTD (owner of online store on one hand and the users of online store .These conditions are binding to all users. By election any object, button or link located on the page of the link to General Conditions) the user agrees and accept to keep these general conditions .

2. During registration, with marking "Accept general conditions" , the user makes an electronic statement by the Wall of electronic documents and declare that he is aware and accepts general conditions.

3. Orders through the website www.ezax.bgare accepted 24 hours, 7 days a week.

4. To buy a product from you should:

4.1. Have a permanent address in Bulgaria

4.2. Fill in correctly the electronic registration form

4.3. Accept General Conditions

4.4. Specify accurate address and phone number

4.5. Provide access and opportunity to receive the delivery

5. ЕZAX LTD is able to require further confirmation including phone call, fax, e-mail. In case of refuse the above required information it automatically cancels the order with or without further notice.

6. ЕZAX LTD reserves the right to refuse to confirm any order which is out of stockor otherwise, notifying the user of the refusal and the reason for it.

7. After making an order you will receive an automatically confirmation to e-mail address. After that moment the order is accept and enforceable by ЕZAX LTD. In case ЕZAX LTD is not able to produce a part of the order or all of it you will receive an additional e-mail or phone call.

8. Ways to pay an order made in are by cash directly in ЕZAX LTD`s office, by bank account or credit or debit card online .All prices are in leva with included VAT. All deliveries in Bulgaria are made by courier firm.

9. The conditions in the invoice given to the client with the general conditions make complete regulation of contractual relations of both parts unless the client signed a separate contract for sale in ЕZAX LTD.

10. ЕZAX LTD reserves the right to correct any errors and / or update the contents of the site at any time without notice, which includes changes of productsand prices.These changes will not affect any orders which are already made and confirmed. These orders will be executed under the conditions that were current at the time of confirmation the order.

11. The client who ordered from www.ezax.bgand received the same product at ЕZAX LTD`s store, by courier or other transportation has the right to refuse accepting the order once it is delivered only in one of the following cases:

· During transportation the product or it`s packing is damaged

· The terms of delivery are not kept

· The delivered products are different than ordered

· The price is different than firstly offered

· Under art.69, para.3 ZZPPT

· Returns of the above points could be made only at the time of delivery

Apart of these cases the client has no right to refuse to accept or pay for ordered products. Otherwise, he owes payment of costs incurred for delivery and returnthe products to the supplier.

12. After receiving and paying the order, the client has the right to claim the product or ask for refunding the payment only in that cases:

12.1. Damages during the use

12.2. Under art.69, para.3 ZZPPT

13.Claims are accepted by:

13.1. in warranty card terms, after filling in correctly the form

13.2. in 7 (seven) days after receiving the product, in condition of being given written reasons of it and signed declaration that certifies the product is at the same shape, that it hasn`t been used and the original packing is not damaged.

The costs of transportation of p.13 are due to ЕZAX LTD.

14. The information gathered by ЕZAX LTD by using the Site will be used only for specified purposes and in accordance with applicable right. ЕZAX LTD will not provide information to third parts without the express consent of the visitor. We do not attach, sell or otherwisedistribute your personal data to third parts for any reason, unless it is imposed by law or court order.

15. ЕZAX LTD reserves the right to change, add or remove parts of the content of General Conditions all the time. Your responsibility is to check the conditions at any time before using the Site. The fact that you keep using the site after published changes is taken as an accept that you agree with the changed General Conditions.

16. ЕZAX LTD is not responsible for sites or their content different of ЕZAX LTD is not committed to persuing any site that is linked to illegal content of copyright, pornography, racism or any other actions prohibited by the law of Republic of Bulgaria. In case a user has noticed any of these actions he shall notify ЕZAX LTD to remove the link of the site.

17. Responsibilities

17.1. ЕZAX LTD has no responsibility if there are accidental missing of the actuality information of the Site; has no responsibility for the consequences including any damages resulting from or connected in any way to access or use of the Site; has not responsibility for the integrity of the information on this site by computer viruses or other threats. Information presented on the site in accordance with applicable law, its useby consumers is voluntary and on their own initiative.

17.2. ЕZAX LTD has no responsibility for the validness, fullness or contents of the information to the sites it has links to.

17.3. ЕZAX LTD has no responsibility if any damages are made during using the Site.

17.4. ЕZAX LTD does not guarantee interrupted access to the domain

17.5. ЕZAX LTD has no responsibility about products which are out of stock.

17.6. ЕZAX LTD has no responsibility for incorrect information about a product given from the supplier

17.7. ЕZAX LTD is not responsible for delay or failure to perform its obligations for reasons beyond the control of the company.

18. The sale of a product is governed by the laws of Republic of Bulgaria

You may purchase using Visa, MasterCard or any bank card with the Borica label.

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