About Us


EZAX has more than 14 years experience in furniture manufacturing and trade, and-most particular in manufacturing and trade of chairs and tables. Currently the company is one of the leaders on the Bulgarian market, and wemanage to offer our clients a wide range of modern high-quality tables,chairs and other furniture from Italy, Poland, Turkey, and our own production.

Thanks to the quality materials, modern design and exquisite taste, the products of EZAX are preferred for interior of hotels, restaurants,bars, cafes, and all types of eateries.

EZAX is specialized in creation and implementation of irregular projects which emphasize the range of our capabilities in production of wooden furniture. You can view our portfolio of some of our completed projects for furnishing of restaurants and hotels.

The variety of products include: chairs, tables, Bar Stools, Rattan, Furniture, Mirrors, Cabinets and Libraries. EZAX Outlet also offers furniture and furniture promotions.

You may purchase using Visa, MasterCard or any bank card with the Borica label.

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